A day in the Amazon rainforest

Bild: A day in the Amazon rainforest
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"A day in the Amazon rainforest" von MediaHouse GmbH using material from: Dr. Tom Deutschle,
lizenziert unter CC BY-SA 4.0 INTERNATIONAL
Siemens Stiftung
Interactive graphic labeling: The “weather report" for one day in the tropical rainforest can be developed interactively.
The weather in tropical rainforests is basically the same every day.
A weather station shows what the weather is like at seven selected times during the day:
• Temperature
• Weather symbol
• Description of the weatherWhen students have clicked through the entire interactive graphic, they see a complete overview of the weather over a day.
Information and ideas: Many days in tropical rainforests are like the day shown here, but not all days.
For example, there are also dry seasons.

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