B1 Water cycle (teacher instructions)

Bild: B1 Water cycle (teacher instructions)
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Experimentation instructions for Experimento | 8+: Background information on the content and practical information on conducting the “Water cycle” experiment, which comprises two subexperiments.
The teacher instructions include information on the following: the main question, relevance to the curriculum, skills, notes on conducting the subexperiments, the research group, and further research assignments.
The experiment comprises two subexperiments:
• The Earth’s water cycle
• Water transport in plantsThe students will learn about the Earth’s water cycle and examine the individual elements.
They will understand the cycle as a closed system in which nothing is lost on its own, but rather substances (for example, water) can appear in different manifestations (states of matter).
In the initial phase, the students will be sensitized to a conscious way of dealing with nature and our environment.
They will understand how plants absorb water through their roots and transport it to their uppermost leaves.
This will give them an initial glimpse into the complex capillary action: Water rises through the plant’s thin pathways (capillaries) all the way to the tips of the leaves.
The capillary action is supported by the suction that develops due to the evaporation of water from the plant.
• Observe the safety information in the instructions as well as the applicable safety guidelines for your school.
• All materials mentioned in the instructions will have to be purchased directly from commercial sources.

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