A2 Conductors and insulators (teacher instructions)

Bild: A2 Conductors and insulators (teacher instructions)
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Experimentation instructions for Experimento | 8+: Background information on the content and practical information on conducting the “Conductors and insulators” experiment, which comprises two subexperiments.
The teacher instructions include information on the following: the main question, relevance to the curriculum, skills, notes on conducting the subexperiments, the research group, further research assignments, the reference to technology, and the reference to values.
The experiment comprises two subexperiments:
• What are conductors and insulators?
• Hot wireThe students will set off as detectives on a search for conductive materials using their homemade continuity testers.
What objects or materials make the test lamp light up? They will subsequently build a hot wire game and determine who has the best dexterity.
In the process, they will learn that insulators play a key role in the design of electronic devices.
• Observe the safety information in the instructions as well as the applicable safety guidelines for your school.
• All materials mentioned in the instructions will have to be purchased directly from commercial sources.

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