A3.1 Parallel circuits (student instructions)

Bild: A3.1 Parallel circuits (student instructions)
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Experimentation instructions for Experimento | 8+: Detailed instructions and questions for students on conducting the subexperiment “A3 Complex electric circuits – Parallel circuits.
”A short introductory text presents the experiment to the students.
Then the research question is stated.
The students make guesses and exchange ideas about possible solutions.
This is followed by a list of the required materials as well as clear, step-by-step instructions for setting up and conducting the experiment in the small group.
Observation questions for checking the results can be answered right on the instructions.
There are also reflection questions for evaluating and understanding the experiment and establishing the reference to the opening question.
An additional research project encourages the students to do further research.
A further work assignment establishes a reference to technology.
It shows photos of technical applications that are related to the scientific principles researched in the experiment.
In “What is your opinion?” students are encouraged to discuss and reflect on value-related behavior.
Documentation aids in the student instructions or a blank form to be filled out is provided for documenting the experiment.
Information and ideas:
• Observe the safety information in these instructions, in the teacher instructions related to the experiment, as well as in the document “Safety information on the topic of energy – Experimento I 8+” and discuss this information with your students.
• Also observe the applicable safety guidelines for your school.
• These student instructions are also available as a Word file.

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