Combining faces for a picture (drawing)

Bild: Combining faces for a picture (drawing)
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"Combining faces for a picture (drawing)" von MediaHouse GmbH,
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Interactive graphic: Combinations of three faces to create a group picture are shown as a drawing.
The drawing can be developed interactively here as a possible way of representing combinations.
There are three faces that have to be placed in a picture frame by dragging.
Each face can be dragged to the frame only once.
When a picture frame is full, the next empty one appears and can be filled with a new combination.
A check is made to see if the combination has already been tried.
If so, the faces are removed from the frame again.
When all six possible combinations have been found, no further empty picture frames are offered.
Information and ideas: Apart from trying out possible combinations, this media file is also about understanding and verbalizing situations with combinatorial content.
Using the following source: „Daten, Häufigkeit und Wahrscheinlichkeit“, ISB München (2008)

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