Role play: Clean water for Katonga

Bild: Role play: Clean water for Katonga
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Teaching ideas: Instructions for a role play for a fictitious development project: Installation of a drinking water supply in an African village community.
Starting from a concrete description of the situation and working in groups, students confront the parties involved and present their positions by acting out roles.
The parts to be played are: - Representative of an aid organization- Representative of the UN- Manufacturer of water filters- Representative of the national government- Head of the village- Inhabitant of the village.
Apart from the basic outline of the positions to be represented, students are also given details of further links so that they can immerse themselves in their particular role.
The medium also includes instructions for teachers.
Information and ideas: Through this role play students can learn more about the objectives of development projects.
It requires them to look at things from different angles or viewpoints, to observe the fine differences between these viewpoints and express them concisely.

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