Age-related hearing loss

Bild: Age-related hearing loss
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Photo: Hearing ability is reduced with increasing age.
This can cause danger for older people in road traffic.
Age-related hearing loss or presbycusis is the gradual increase in hearing impairment caused by the dying of cells in the inner ear or auditory nerve.
It usually begins with a loss of high frequency tones and then, later on, medium frequency tones.
Both ears are equally affected which means that from a certain degree of hearing impairment, normal everyday speech can only be understood with difficulty.
This hearing impairment causes problems for older people, for example, in road traffic.
Other road users have to be particularly alert.
Information and ideas: This special situation can be used to lead on to a general discussion of hearing impairment or hearing loss and what it means for young people as well.
The question of how to deal and communicate with such people can be discussed.
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